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Value partnership

The best measure of our customers' satisfaction is to hear them explain their own successes and how they have been supported by the knowledge engineering partnership with Ewellix. We are very proud that the customers presented here are willing to share their successes with us and testify to the way the close partnership with Ewellix has contributed to their achievements.


AFK Garden

AFK Garden invested in fully automated sanding systems using cobots supplied with Ewellix SLIDEKIT to improve factory efficiency.


30% increase in production output

Wheelchair lifting platforms

Herkules Liftwerk

Herkules Liftwerk chose Ewellix as a supplier to meet their demanding needs for quality and reliability in the field.


Long-lasting operation in outdoor applications

Medical treatment table


Armedica asked Ewellix to improve the MAX6 actuator to meet the new requirements and simplify their changeovers.


50% reduction of component stock

Hydro power plant


Vattenfall, with the help of Ewellix, has taken its first steps towards a hydraulic oil-free and safer hydropower business.


Lower cost in manned field operations

Industrial automation

RIMAC Machines

The RIMAC teams challenge was to create a machine capable of shaping stator coils for large AC motors (up to 3.5 m).


Oil-free fully electrified machine

Plastic injection molding


Precision, power, and longevity are just some of the main characteristics of the Ewellix components in the Billion machines.


50% reduced energy consumption in operation

Food production machinery

Wymbs Engineering

Ewellix roller screws help Wymbs Engineering improve productivity and increase return on investment.


10% productivity increase

Laboratory automation equipment

Lihe Biotech

Ewellix provides high-performance miniature guides with their LLS series for the new generation of Lihe Biotech machines.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Rehabilitation devices


Ewellix helped Tyromotion find a lifting column for their medical products that fit well into their design product portfolio and that meet technical and medical requirements.


Improved product aesthetic

Robot manufacturer

Hyundai Robotics

Hyundai Robotics applied the Ewellix CTU – Car Transfer Unit to their automobile production line, enabling smooth, reliable and continuous delivery.


Quicker setup time in car assembly lines

Precision positioning and motion hexapods


Symetrie was looking for exceptional quality and customisation when they chose Ewellix as their preferred supplier of high-performance actuators.


Higher dynamic performance with precise positioning

Cobot Café

SLS Bearings

At the café, a UR cobot is mounted on Ewellix LIFTKIT and SLIDEKIT which extends its range of motions.


Improve efficiency and productivity

Machine manufacturer

Merco Machines

Merco machines chose Ewellix planetary roller screws because of their high efficiency, force capabilities, and minimal maintenance.


High efficiency, force capabilities, and minimal maintenance

AGV maker and an automation integration provider

Econ Robot INC

Econ Robot INC went from hydraulic actuators to the Ewellix CAHB-22E electromechanical actuator to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity.


Fast and smooth movement, easy and fast integration

Welding automation


Partool increased their cobot's working area using the Ewellix SLIDEKIT linear axis which has led to increased productivity and output quality.


70% to 80% increase in production output

Cobot integrator

JF Développement

JF Développement was able to integrate the LIFTKIT-UR seamlessly into its robotic systems, significantly increasing productivity and efficiency while improving the working environment.


Increased efficiency and improved working environment