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7th axis for robots

Ewellix provides effective solutions to complete vertical and horizontal adjustment in a smart way with a wide range of “ready to mount” additional linear axis solutions. We designed them for different applications, giving your robot an extended operational range.

7th axis for robots product range


  • Load up to 1,5 kN and speed up to 80 mm/s
  • Stroke up to 1 400 mm
  • Plug and play with Universal Robots, Omron, Techman, FANUC collaborative robots and several palletising software
  • Compatible with any robot brand via TCP/IP communication protocol with a plug-and-play script commands
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  • Load up to 10,9 kN and speed up to 1 000 mm/s
  • Stroke up to 3 000 mm
  • Plug and play with Universal Robots
  • Compatible with any other robot brands via I/O commands up to 14 x configurable move-profiles
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Smart 7th axis solutions for collaborative and industrial robots

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