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7th axis for robots

Ewellix provides effective solutions to complete vertical and horizontal adjustment in a smart way with a wide range of “ready to mount” additional linear axis solutions. We designed them for different applications, giving your robot an extended operational range.

7th axis for robots product range


  • Load up to 1,5 kN and speed up to 80 mm/s
  • Stroke up to 1 400 mm
  • Plug and play with Universal Robots, Omron, Techman, FANUC collaborative robots and several palletising software
  • Compatible with any robot brand via TCP/IP communication protocol with a plug-and-play script commands
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  • Load up to 10,9 kN and speed up to 1 000 mm/s
  • Stroke up to 3 000 mm
  • Plug and play with Universal Robots
  • Compatible with any other robot brands via I/O commands up to 14 x configurable move-profiles
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Our values


Our certifications and state-of-the-art technologies ensure safety


Our production processes and supply chain ensure the highest quality of all products


Our philosophy is based on continuous innovation and study of new technologies

Smart 7th axis solutions for collaborative and industrial robots

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