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CAFL - Floor lock actuator


  • Precise positioning and levelling adjustment
  • High flexibility and easy design integration
  • Stable and rigid base
  • Maintenance-free, no oil leakage


  • Self locking
  • Precise positioning
  • Manual override
  • Simplified installation

The Ewellix compact floor lock actuator is used to lift a chair, a table, a trolley, a cart or any other wheeled equipment off the wheels and hold the device in the lifted position. Floor locks prevent portable equipment used in a wide range of industries from shifting or creeping when in the locked position. They are used in medical procedure and diagnostic applications where the devices must be completely stable, levelled and secure and do not vibrate, even if the floor is uneven. Other applications such as in production or warehouse operations to ensure mobile work benches, carts and dollies don’t slip during mounting, loading and unloading operations. Discover the range of electric linear actuators brought to you by Ewellix, skillfully crafted for various industrial uses, providing improved efficiency, accuracy, and dependability for your business activities. Please contact us for more information about our linear actuators product range!

      Push load
      1700 N (static 6800N)
      Pull load
      0 N
      Max stroke (mm)
      36 to 50 mm
      24 V DC
      Type of protection
      IP XX
      Max. speed no load (mm/s)
      12 mm/s
      Duty cycle (%)
      This product is a customised solution so 3D models are available only on request. Please contact us using <a href="">this form</a>
      EL-04015-EN-October 2022 CAFL Electric floor lock actuator
      EL-03016/1-EN-February 2023 Solutions for surgical and procedural modalities
      EL-03018/1-EN -February 2023 7th axis solutions to boost your robot s capabilities

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