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Planetary roller screws


  • Longer service life due to increased robustness
  • High-reliability, low noise, high rotational speed (N.d0 max = 160 000)
  • Exceptional behaviour in situations with frequent changes of direction and high linear speed, up to 1,8m/s
  • Customised designs possible


  • Heavy load capacity with up to a 50 mm long lead
  • Planetary concept without recirculation and rollers, synchronised by cogs
  • Adaptable tooling for non-standard, left handed thread or customised designs
  • Axial play or preloaded execution on request

Ewellix has the largest selection of satellite and planetary roller screws on the market to meet any requirements. The planetary roller screw drives without roller recirculation ensuring ultimate drive performance. They are extremely robust and load-bearing, offer maximum performance in terms of speed and acceleration and are extremely durable and reliable. Thanks to state-of-the-art machining technology, Ewellix can offer planetary roller screws in a wide range of diameters and gradients. 
Through the use of the latest machining equipment, Ewellix can offer planetary and satellite roller screws from very small to very large diameters, with a wide variety of lead. We also offer inverted screws.

Case studies:


      up to 12 000 rad/s2 for standard planetary roller screws. (for higher accelerations please consult Ewellix)

      Nominal diameter

      from 8 to 240 mm


      from 2 to 50 mm

      Basic dynamic load capacity

      up to 3 994 kN

      Basic static load capacity

      up to 23 387 kN

      Maximum speed n x d0

      160 000



      Cylindrical nut shape is available with or without axial.



      Centred flange nut with axial clearance or without slack.



      Off-centered flange nut with axial clearance or without slack.



      Preloaded with a split nut, cylindrical nut and centered flange nut.



      High-performance planetary rolling thread with cylindrical nut, flange nut or off-centre flange nut.

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      IL-05003/5-EN-January 2023-Roller screws
      EL-04014-EN -October 2022 Linear solution for spot welding
      EL-02006-EN-January 2023-Full electric transition
      EL-03007/2-EN-February 2023 Solutions for imaging equipment
      EL-03008/2-EN-February 2023 Linear technology for joining

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