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  • Solution for higher off-center loads
  • Very rigid and stable
  • More functionality combined with controlled motion
  • Flexible cable management


  • High offset load capacity
  • Performance and safety
  • Integrated brake system
  • Cable feed through / cable chain
  • Compliant with Medical standards and regulations
Lifting columns CPMC are the ideal solution to combine strong guiding functions with linear movements.
The robust, manually adjusted and virtually backlash-free aluminium extrusions are able to carry high off-center loads up to 3 000 Nm. To provide enough power to lift and lower heavy weights with high speed, the columns are equipped with brushless DC motors. Bespoke customer-specific installation solutions, as well as cable bushings complete our offer.
      Push load

      up to 4 000 N

      Max stroke (mm)

      up to 700 mm (dependent on eccentric load)


      36 / 3ph V DC

      Type of protection


      Max. linear speed no load (mm/s)

      up to 25 mm/s

      Duty cycle (%)


      Dynamic offset load

      up to 3 000 Nm

      This product is a customised solution so 3D models are available only on request. Please contact us using <a href="">this form</a>
      EL-04017-EN-November 2022 CPMC lifting column for mobile C-arms
      EL-03007/2-EN-February 2023 Solutions for imaging equipment
      EL-03016/1-EN-February 2023 Solutions for surgical and procedural modalities

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