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Assembly automation

Manufacturing technology is being continuously driven forward by the automotive industry, which plays a leading role among all sectors of the economy. Its rapid development is marked by the introduction and acceleration of new concepts, e.g. in the fields of energy efficiency and Industry 4.0. Just-in-time production and streamlined supply chains are essential in order to reduce warehousing costs and to be able to deliver on demand. Cyber-physical models such as the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and Industry 4.0 are supporting this development through optimised coordination between employees, processes and technologies. Real-time data provides valuable insight and helps companies make better decisions, produce more efficiently, respond more flexibly to customer needs and waste less time, money and materials. Ewellix supports the automotive industry in many areas with a wide range of powerful and high-quality products and solutions, including linear guides for assembly automation, roller screws for assembly automation and linear actuators for assembly automation.


Material joining

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Assembly process

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Case studies:


Automotive assembly applications

Interview-Laurent Sanchez Global Director Automotive Sector

Faster, safer and sustainable spot welding equipment

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