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Long lead ball screws


  • High linear speed up to 110 m/min
  • Design suitable for most positioning systems, due to high accuracy with no play
  • Lifetime lubrication via additional seals offering protection against contamination
  • Compact, easy to use and straightforward integration with a rotating nut


  • Standard protection wipers at each nut end and optional double protection
  • High rotational speed up to nd0 = 90 000, resulting in high linear speed up to 110 m/min
  • Nut design well suited for transport or positioning screw applications requiring high velocity such as woodworking, some functions in plastic injection presses, pick and place etc.
  • Compact, easy and simple solution to incorporate into application (SLT)

The Ewellix range of large high pitch ball screws has been specially developed by Ewellix for fast linear speeds to increase productivity and represent a winning combination of precision roller technology and end cap return. This design is suitable for most positioning applications thanks to the precision ground outer surface of the nut and flange support. The products in this series are designed by Ewellix to provide even greater positioning accuracy, as well as slip prevention. Additionally, Ewellix also offers various types of threaded nuts to minimise the mass inertia torque for high pitch spindles. The spindle is rigidly fixed to the machine frame, while the ball screw nut rotating in a bearing housing is driven by a traction belt and moves along the spindle. Ewellix also offers a range of rotating nut solutions to minimize the inertia phenomenon associated with long rotating shafts. The long lead screw shaft is rigidly fixed to the machine frame while the ball nut, rotating inside a bearing housing and driven via a tension belt, moves along the screw shaft.

Case studies:

      Nominal diameter

      from 25 to 50 mm


      from 20 to 50 mm

      Basic dynamic load capacity

      from 12,6 to 92,9 kN

      Basic static load capacity

      from 29,8 to 235,1 kN

      Axial play

      from 0,00 to 0,12 mm

      Maximum speed n x d0

      up to 90 000



      Long lead rolling thread with axial play or backlash elimination



      Rotating nut with axial play or slippage free.

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      IL-05004/5-EN-January 2023-Precision rolled ball screws
      TC-08011-EN-March 2020 Precision ball screws mounting instruction
      EL-02003-EN-November 2019 Safety and reliability in motion
      EL-02006-EN-January 2023-Full electric transition

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