• Smart design with both front and rear attachments
  • Extra versitality due to its adaptability
  • Easily installed because of its plug and play system
  • Maintenance-free, no oil leakage
  • Safety first with self-locking and adjustable mechanical hard end stop
  • Medically approved compliant with IEC 60601-1
  • Back-up nut as standard
  • Safety factor up to 4
  • Self-locking

Let us embrace our new comer, the novel CAMT linear actuator, in the medical product portfolio. We got to learn during interviews with physicians or care-givers that they would have something really rigid without any play for the whole operation. Also accurate positioning is on their wish list because sometime you need to re-produce the exact position during for example imaging process. Today, we are proud to show you our latest development CAMT actuator with unique design to assist you with the most demanding parts of surgical tables or chairs. CAMT actuator keeps the movement smooth through the whole process of operation or imaging, also when the direction changes. This gives a much improved patient experience. It can be ordered as a single actuator or be combined with a lifting column to achieve combined motions in any direction.

Product tab contents

Technical Data

Sub tab

Push load

up to 6 000 N

Pull load

up to 6000 N

Max stroke (mm)

50 to 250 mm


24 V DC

Operating temperature

+10 to +40 °C

Type of protection

IP 20

Max. speed no load (mm/s)

up to 6.5 mm/s

Duty cycle (%)


2D / 3D


This product is a customised solution so 3D models are available only on request. Please contact us using this form

IL-05002/7-EN-January 2023 Actuator range
IL-07014/3-EN-January 2023-CAMT
TC-08009/3-EN-January 2023-CAMT operating manual
EL-04002/1-EN-February 2023 A new play-free actuator CAMT
EL-04003/1-EN-February 2023 Electro-mechanical 3-axis module
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