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Matrix series linear actuators


  • Specially developed for medical technology in accordance with IEC 60601-1
  • Low noise
  • Complete system with control unit, operating switches and accessories
  • Synchronisable


  • Medically approved according to IEC 60601-1
  • Compatible control units, operating switches and accessories available
  • Safety nut as standard
  • Up to 4 times higher operational reliability

The Ewellix Matrix series of linear actuators was specially developed for medical technology and comprises powerful linear AC and DC actuators with DC motors. These run very quietly, take up very little space and can be installed in virtually any angle, both vertically and horizontally. The series is approved for medical applications and can be supplemented with various options (e.g. anti-trap, incremental position feedback, emergency lowering). It is available as a complete system with a controller, operating switches and accessories. Please contact us for more information about our linear actuators product range!

Dynamic Load Speed Max stroke length Voltage
MAX 1 up to 4 000 N up to 12,7 mm/s 700 mm 24 V DC
MAX 3 up to 8 000 N up to 12,7 mm/s 700 mm 12 or 24 V DC
MAX 7 up to 8 000 N up to 13 mm/s 700 mm 120 or 230 V AC

Product overview

Max DC (MAX1, MAX3)

  • Max load up to 8 kN
  • Max speed up to 12,7 mm/s
  • Voltage: 12 or 24 V DC
  • Silent operation
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Max AC (MAX7)

  • Max load up to 8 kN
  • Max speed up to 13 mm/s
  • Voltage: from 120v linear actuator to 230v linear actuator
  • Full system with built-in control unit
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