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Customised linear actuators

Ewellix's solid and comprehensive product knowledge combined with their engineering expertise is transforming customer needs into tailor-made solutions. Focusing on client-specific requests our engineers support customers in developing and putting in place cost-effective customized linear actuators for niche markets and high volume applications. Our strong understanding of linear and actuation technologies enables us to create new solutions which are based on proven processes and several basic elements.

Please contact our Ewellix sales team for more information on  customized linear actuators and how we can help you.

CAHB 10 with connector

Cable lengths and connections can be individually adapted on request to ensure that the selected configuration can be perfectly integrated, quickly installed and immediately put into operation.

CAHB 2xE with trunnion mount

In order to improve the design of an application or to create a ready-to-use solution, Ewellix offers an individual customisation of the extension and retraction lengths and fixings.

Clam shell grill

Contact grills fitted with electric lifting devices can be automated using a linear drive. This not only allows for perfect steak preparation, but also more efficiency in working processes. Even perfect French fries are no problem when the lifting mechanism of the fryer basket is automated with a linear drive.

Special motor and external switches

For specific applications such as commercial kitchen equipment where a higher duty cycle and long life time are requested, Ewellix can propose specific motors like brushless DC version. Could also propose the integration of external switches to have multiple adjustable position feedback or other full system integratio.

Very long stroke and graduated tube

For medical applications such as mobile liquid dispensing and collection systems, where the liquid pressure depends on the height of the bag, Ewellix offers an automatic solution with a linear drive and a 1 metre long, stable inner tube for hanging the bag (→ Fig. 8). The exact height can be read directly from the tube thanks to its laser markings.

Marked on the tube

On Applications like Medical fluid carts where the liquid pressure is provided by the height of the liquid bag, Ewellix can provide an automatized solution based on a linear actuator with a long and stable inner tube of 1 meter to hang the liquid bag. The laser etched graduated tube provides quick visual information about the height.

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