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General industry

Cost control, productivity, quality, sustainability, flexibility, product customisation and time to market are just some of the aspects that are important to manufacturers around the world. Automation technology can help them meet these increasing demands. For OEMs who develop and manufacture this technology, Ewellix offers solutions for greater reliability and performance. Automation eliminates many of the typical bottlenecks and problems in traditional manufacturing while providing new ways to respond quickly to customer and business needs.

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Plastic rubber industry

Manufacturers of plastic injection moulding systems use various hybrid solutions or all-electric sys...

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Food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry has many different processes and linear functions to reach the final ...

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Woodworking machinery

Manufacturers of woodworking equipment are facing enormous challenges, to ensure the right performan...

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Semiconductors are integrated circuits, such as transistors, LEDs or diodes found in consumer electr...

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Material forming

Forming is the process of shaping parts and objects by mechanical deformation without adding or remo...

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Robots are an essential part of automation and are increasingly used in applications to perform repe...

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Amusement, simulator and testing equipment

Multi-axis systems can imitate almost all movement patterns with high accuracy and reactivity. The c...

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Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is the technology that creates 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of mater...

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Building automation

Modern commercial, administrative, and industrial buildings as well as schools and care centres are ...

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Machine tools

Machine manufacturers are faced with the challenge of combining several functions, e.g. turning, mil...

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Door systems

Public transport vehicles are being modernised and require many automated and smooth operations. One...

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