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Robots are an essential part of automation and are increasingly used in applications to perform repetitive or hazardous tasks, increase productivity and improve ergonomics. The Ewellix 7th axis solutions can increase the work envelope by up to 7 times by repositioning the base of the robot during its work cycle. Our electromechanical actuators increase the robot's performance and stability. The Ewellix linear guides solutions make adjustments easy and allow maximum flexibility for linear motion functions.

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Pallettizing cobot

Robots are increasingly being used to automate the pelleting process in end of line operations. Pall...

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Final assembly processes

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Autonomous vehicles

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Construction is a labour-intensive industry with many repetitive tasks that can be physically demand...

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Life sciences

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Cartesian robotic

Ewellix wide profile rail guide range supports nearly any solution for linear or cartesian robots. F...

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Pneumatic slide (H-profile, Mini slide, etc)

Many pick and place or sorting functions in the automation industry are solved by standardized pneum...

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Pick and place

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