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Customised ball and roller screws

Ewellix's solid and comprehensive product knowledge combined with their engineering expertise is transforming customer needs into tailor-made solutions.
Focusing on client-specific requests our engineers support customers in developing and putting in place cost-effective customized ball and customized roller screws for niche markets and high volume applications.
Our strong understanding of linear and actuation technologies enables us to create new solutions which are based on proven processes and several basic elements.

Please contact our Ewellix sales team for more information on customized ball and roller screws or how we can help you.

Miniature ball screw with increased capacity and custom interface

For portable tools, Ewellix has developed a super-compact, lightweight and powerful product for its customers. This miniature ball thread is based on the SD 12x2 design, with additional ball rotations and a custom designed nut with pin included.

Custom roller screw assembly for outdoor lifting

Ewellix MT offers a complete assembly for precise outdoor lifting applications, including the custom-designed SRT 39x5 Nut and bearing with a shaft made of stainless steel. The housing and nut are nickel plated for corrosion protection, the shaft is manganese-phosphated and factory lubricated.

Extreme load for submarine oil & gas application

For a high performance underwater actuator used in critical oil and gas applications, Ewellix MT has developed a complete mechanical subsystem with a torque of up to 9,000 kN and a speed of 20 mm/s. The subsystem is designed for use in a wide range of applications. It is based around a high-performance planetary rolling thread system with additional external gears and heavy-duty bearings.

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