Positioning system CTU

  • Manufactured for long service life and heavy loads
  • Easy lubrication maintenance through an external point
  • Precise alignment and secure fastening using couplings
  • High level of accuracy and repeatability
  • Compact design with aluminum or steel base
  • Integrated motor, controller, cables, mechanical brake and shock absorber
  • Lifting column or linear module as option of vertical axis
  • Inline and right-angle gear boxes with customised motor adapter

The positioning systems of our CTU series were specially developed for the automotive industry. They are equipped with a pair of profiled rail guides, each with 2 carriages and is designed for high guiding accuracy and rigidity. A wide selection of ball screws ensures outstanding positioning accuracy. CTU systems feature an integrated motor, controller, cable, mechanical brake, shock absorber and a steel cover. They are available with both lifting columns or linear modules for vertical axes.

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Technical Data

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up to 0,3 m/s


up to ± 0.05

Max stroke (mm)

up to 1 000 mm

Operating temperature

0 °C to +50 °C 

Guiding element

Profile rail guides


W up to 380 mm / H 120 mm

Driving element

Ball screw

2D / 3D


This product is a customised solution so 3D models are available only on request. Please contact us using this form

IL-07001/3-EN-February 2023 Car transfer unit solutions
EL-03012/1-EN-September 2022 Linear technology for flexible assembly lines

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