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  • Highly energy efficient
  • Multi-option modular system
  • Easy integration and fast assembly
  • Space saving solution
  • Highest levels of precision and repeatability


  • Compact design: Body section dimensions 36x36 mm
  • High load capacity (Static 2.6 kN, Dynamic 300N)
  • High positioning accuracy and repeatability due to precision ballscrews
  • High working cycles
  • Practically maintenance-free
In addition to our standard electrical cylinder product range, Ewellix offers an extensive customisation series that can fulfil specific application needs. The CASM-25 actuator is a customisable solution designed for light automation applications and the electronic manufacturing industry.
This miniature actuator can deliver high static and dynamic force with precise motion and long life in operation. The actuator is equipped with a high precision ballscrew SD8x2,5, with a full aluminium body, resulting in a very compact package with high power density.
      Max stroke (mm)


      Operating temperature

      0 to +50 °C

      Type of protection

      IP 54S

      Max. linear speed no load (mm/s)


      Max. dynamic axial force (kN)


      Dynamic load capacity (kN)


      Screw type / Diameter Lead (mm)

      Ball screw; 8/2,5

      Motor type

      Servo motor

      Duty cycle (%)


      This product is a customised solution so 3D models are available only on request.
      Please contact us using <a href="/page-contacts">this form</a>
      IL-05001/7-EN-February 2023 High performance actuator
      IL-07015/1-EN-May 2020 Electric cylinders CASM-25
      EL-04018-EN-March 2023 Why Ewellix-CASM

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