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Imaging and treatment equipment

Providing increased efficiency, effectiveness, safety and precision during imaging procedures and examinations are key enablers for driving a value based healthcare system. Ewellix has developed a range of products and services for advanced actuation and guidance solutions, to meet the latest industry requirements. Our focus is understanding customers' needs and providing solutions like:

- Innovative motion and guiding solutions
- Application specific customization
- Excellent performance and safety

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General X-ray

Our innovative range of medically certified linear column solutions and actuators provide improved f...

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Mobile c-arm and x-ray

Mobile C-arms are the first choice when it comes to emergency room equipment due to their unrivalled...

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CT table and scanner

Modern CT devices should be as comfortable and efficient as possible. Manufacturers must combine a c...

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Cardiac catheter examination and/or coronary angiographs are very precise procedures that require a ...

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Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET) scans are ...

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Modern digital mammography providing the highest depth resolution diagnostic accuracy and enabling c...

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MRI table

The growing geriatric population plus an increase in chronic diseases globally has driven the demand...

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Cancer therapies with high radiation doses require extreme precision and accuracy. Ewellix planetary...

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Discover our innovative solutions for the radiographic room

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