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  • Extended operating range of FANUC cobots to increase productivity and save costs
  • High positioning precision and stability
  • No hardware/software upgrades required
  • Direct positioning access within the FANUC control environment
  • Compatible with VISUAL COMPONENT software


  • FANUC CRX-ready product
  • Easy to install plug-and-play system
  • Software plugin FANUC control system included
  • Robust column design for industrial use

Robots are an essential part of automation and are increasingly used in applications to perform repetitive or hazardous tasks. The ready-to-install LIFTKIT increases the reach of the FANUC robot by moving it along a vertical axis to always place the robot base in an optimal working position. This increased reach improves productivity and reduces costs. The LIFTKIT-FA includes a lifting column, a control unit and a FANUC software plug-in so that movement can be programmed and controlled via a standard TCP/IP protocol. The system includes redundant, safety-certified relays for safe stopping during operation - when connected to the robot's safety outputs. The FANUC mounting plate is included and the column is equipped with additional threaded holes to connect external cable transport systems.

      Push load
      1 500 N
      Pull load
      Max stroke (mm)
      500 to 1 400 mm
      Operating temperature
      10 to +40 °C
      Type of protection
      IP 40
      Max. speed no load (mm/s)
      80 mm/s
      Duty cycle (%)
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      IL-07034/3-EN-April 2023 LIFTKIT-FA
      TC-08048-EN-March 2021 LIFTKIT quick start guide
      TC-08054/1-EN-September 2023 LIFTKIT-FA user manual
      EL-03012/1-EN-September 2022 Linear technology for flexible assembly lines
      EL-03014/1-EN-September 2022 Solutions for material handling
      EL-03018/1-EN -February 2023 7th axis solutions to boost your robot s capabilities

      FANUC 01 LIFTKIT - Plugin installation

      FANUC 02 LIFTKIT Client tag setting

      FANUC 03 LIFTKIT - Client tag SET and STARTED LIFTKIT Status READY

      FANUC 04 - LIFTKIT Target command

      FANUC 05 - LIFTKIT MOVE command

      FANUC 06 LIFTKIT - MOVE Register command

      FANUC 07 LIFTKIT - POSITION command

      FANUC 08 LIFTKIT - Status command

      FANUC 09 LIFTKIT - Programming with MOVE REGISTER command and label

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