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CAT 32B, CAP 43B


  • Heavy-duty and reliable industrial actuator
  • Fully integrated modular design
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Practically maintenance-free


  • Optional incremental feedback positioning
  • Optional absolute feedback positioning (CAP)
  • High efficiency and lubricated for extended service life
  • Robust and compact design, resistant to corrosion

The modular CAT concept makes it easy to replace critical components such as motors, gears, spindles, fasteners, etc. Custom actuators can be easily and cost-effectively assembled from standard components. The CAT series is flexible and suitable for an infinite number of applications. This variant is equipped with a ball screw. The CAP actuators are based on the existing modular CAT range and are coupled to a potentiometer to provide absolute position feedback.

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      CAT 32B CAP43B
      Push load up to 4 000 N up to 4 000 N
      Pull load up to 4 000 N up to 4 000 N
      Speed (full load) up to 52 mm/s up to 65 mm/s
      Stroke 50 to 700 mm 50 to 700 mm
      Voltage 12 or 24 V DC or 120 or 230 or 400 V AC 24 V DC
      Duty cycle (%) 30 20
      Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C -20 to +50 °C
      Type of protection IP 66 IP 44
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      IL-05002/7-EN-January 2023 Actuator range
      IL-06007/3-EN-November 2021 CAR CAP CAT series
      TC-08006-EN-March 2020 CAP32 operating manual
      TC-08016-EN-April 2020 CAT33 operating manual
      EL-02006-EN-January 2023-Full electric transition

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