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  • Extended service life thanks to roller screw technology
  • Aluminium body to reduce the total weight of the actuator
  • Customised motor adapter for maximum flexibility
  • Compact solution with high power density


  • High performance rollers for high speed (up to 600 mm/s) and acceleration (up to 9.5 m/s2)
  • Highly dynamic servo motor for high speed and acceleration requirements with optional fail-safe brake and advanced sensor
  • Optional anti-rotation device and adjustable external proximity switches
  • Short wheelbase recirculating roller screw (up to 1 mm) available on request
In addition to the standard range of electric cylinders, the Ewellix range also includes extensive product customisation for specific applications. The actuators in the SEMC series are compact and lightweight electric cylinders with a roller screw drive, with long service life, high speed and acceleration. The backlash-free roller screw drive (15 x 5 or 15 x 8) and the all-aluminium housing make it an extremely space-saving solution that weighs less than 7 kg including its motor. This product is the ideal choice when high power density is required in the smallest of spaces.
      Max stroke (mm)


      Operating temperature

      0 to +40 °C

      Type of protection

      IP 54S

      Max. linear speed no load (mm/s)


      Max. dynamic axial force (kN)


      Dynamic load capacity (kN)


      Screw type / Diameter Lead (mm)

      Roller screw, 15/5-8

      Motor type

      Servo motor

      Duty cycle (%)


      This product is a customised solution so 3D models are available only on request.
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      IL-05001/7-EN-February 2023 High performance actuator
      IL-07019/1-EN-May 2020 Servo actuator SEMC
      EL-03022-EN-Solution for plastic and rubber

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