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Precision rail guides


  • For highest positioning and repeatability demands
  • Excellent and smooth running performance
  • Flexibility in design and integration


  • Highest precision and rigidity performance
  • Options of rolling elements with no ball or roller recirculation
  • Anti-Creeping-System (ACS) for all rolling elements

Ewellix precision rail guides provide the highest precision in motion and are used in high end industrial, medical and electronic applications. They are available in a wide range of sizes and rolling element options. The non-circulating rolling elements provide outstanding smoothness in motion. Ewellix Anti-Creeping-System (ACS) ensure position accuracy as it avoids cage creeping. Please contact us for more information about our high precision linear guide product range!

Product overview

Precision rails with ball assemblies

Ewellix LWRB ball assemblies offer the lowest friction for precision rail guides where lighter loads...

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Precision rails with cross roller assemblies

Cross roller assemblies for precision rail guides are widely used in the industry because of the hig...

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Precision rails with needle roller assemblies

Needle roller assemblies are for heavy-duty applications requiring ultimate rigidity. Ewellix offers...

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Precision rails with slide coating

Slide precision rails are equipped with a Turcite-B sliding surface. This PTFE-based material is sel...

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Precision slides GCL

Standard steel based GCL and aluminium based GCLA precision slides are equipped with cross roller pr...

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Anti-Creeping-Systems (ACS)

Many users are familiar with “cage-creeping” in conventional precision rail guides. The cage moves o...

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Material and coatings

Ewellix standard precision rails are made of steel such as 90MnCrV8 (1.2842) or equivalent with a ...

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