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Supplier portal

Welcome to the Ewellix Supplier Portal!
Here we provide information for suppliers. This material is freely available and does not require any login.
Ewellix Purchasing, together with Ewellix suppliers, aims to create customer value for money and to achieve Ewellix’s vision, to operate in full compliance with the following principles:


Ewellix will give like for like suppliers’ equal opportunity to tender by invitation.

Ewellix is willing to work with all suppliers, regardless of race, nationality, size, ownership and length of the partnership, providing they comply with the principles of Ewellix Code of conduct for suppliers and subcontractors.


Mutual benefits based on mutual trust.

We strongly believe in building long-term, beneficial relationships that are built on mutual trust. By working closely together and drawing on the experience and knowledge of Ewellix and its suppliers, Ewellix aims to allow its suppliers to benefit from our long-term profitable growth and to create a competitive advantage for them.


Rational supplier selection standards.

Ewellix selects suppliers based on clear and rational standards that include quality, costs, delivery, innovation, sustainability, continuous improvement and shared values for profitable growth.


Ewellix promotes preferred suppliers and wants to be considered as a preferred customer.

Business with suppliers must always be carried out with mutual respect and professional ethics, creating an environment characterised by innovative solutions and high performance.

Ewellix Code of conduct for suppliers and sub-contractors

Ewellix suppliers and sub-contractors have an important role to play in our demand chain, reflecting our high quality brand image. Therefore, a specific Code of conduct for suppliers and sub-contractors has been launched. The majority of the requirements that are included in the Code of conduct for suppliers and sub-contractors are based on the Ewellix Code of conduct. However, some specific requirements have been added, such as expectations that suppliers and sub-contractors apply a similar code of conduct in relation to their own suppliers and sub-contractors, and a section on monitoring of adherence.

Contractual conditions

The Ewellix package of contracts is an essential part in documenting the business relation with our suppliers. Click on each document to open it.