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  • Best solutions for a wide range of applications, both with motors supplied by Ewellix and with motors of your choice
  • Very high rigidity and robustness
  • Multiple pairings allow for use in a wide range of applications
  • Low maintenance requirements


  • Aluminium protection tube and steel push tube
  • High performance roller screws
  • Roller nut re-lubrication possible with direct access
  • Servomotors, asynchronous and customer-selected motors
The LEMC series of electric cylinders are designed to replace hydraulic systems and have a precision roller screw linear actuator drive with electric motor and gearbox. This combination results in an actuator with a higher power density than conventional models. Thanks to their modular design, LEMC actuators can be configured for numerous applications with different motor types. In addition to normal servo motors, they are also available with an integrated gearbox and an intelligent asynchronous motor. The integrated "soft start" and motor protection functions improve safety and equipment protection. A further advantage for users and maintenance technicians is the NFC (Near Field Communication) capability of the controller, which allows wireless setting via the smartphone.

Case studies:

      LEMC 21 LEMC 30
      Max. dynamic axial force (kN) 40 80
      Max. linear speed (mm/s) 1 000 880
      Dynamic load capacity (kN) 54,3 106,3
      Screw type; diameter/lead (mm) Roller screws - 21/5-10 Roller screws - 30/5-10
      Max Stroke (mm) 600 800
      Motor type AC motor or servo motor AC motor or servo motor
      Duty cycle (%) 100 100
      Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C 0 to +40 °C
      Type of protection IP 54S IP 54S
      The CAD model provided here may be different from your actual delivery condition. If needed, please contact us before completing your design.
      IL-05001/7-EN-February 2023 High performance actuator
      IL-06012/3-EN-June 2022 Electric cylinders LEMC
      TC-08000-EN-October 2019 LEMC operating manual
      EL-04020-EN-August 2023 WHY Ewellix Actuators
      EL-02006-EN-January 2023-Full electric transition
      EL-03008/2-EN-February 2023 Linear technology for joining

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