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Ewellix's extensive experience and knowledge of electromechanical solutions can satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Ewellix offers a wide range of high-performance electromechanical linear actuators, in a variety of designs and setups for both general and specific industrial applications.

Lifting columns (also known as telescopic pillars actuators or telescopic lifting columns) are a smart solution to implement a lifting function in industrial equipment.

Ewellix offers customers precision ball and roller screw solutions that meet the most demanding linear motion applications, including heavy duty ball screw.

Linear guides provide a precise guiding function for positioning loads in combination with linear motion driving elements, such as actuators or ball screws.

Ewellix linear motion systems are powerful and cutting-edge solutions for precise linear positioning and "pick and place" handling tasks.

Ewellix provides effective solutions to complete vertical and horizontal adjustment in a smart way with a wide range of “ready to mount” additional linear axis solutions.