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Precision rails with slide coating


  • Excellent for vibration damping
  • Insensitive against contaminations
  • Suitable for high static load requirements


  • Optimised material used with small friction coefficient
  • Material for high static load carrying capacity
  • Stick-slip-free operation
Slide precision rails are equipped with a Turcite-B sliding surface. This PTFE-based material is self-lubricating and has excellent sliding properties. The coating is bonded to the LWRPM rail and then ground to size. The LWRPV rail itself is then hardened and ground. LWRPM/LWRPV rail guides are suitable for short strokes, shock loads or difficult environmental conditions.

      Size 3, 6, 9

      Operating temperature

      -30 to +80 °C

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      IL-06001/5-EN-February 2023 Precision rail guides
      EL-02003-EN-November 2019 Safety and reliability in motion
      EL-03000/1-EN-February 2023 Telescopic pillar medical procedure equipment
      EL-03007/2-EN-February 2023 Solutions for imaging equipment
      VP-10007-EN-Precision rail guides specification sheet

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