• Suitable for a wide range of applications with different power requirements and operating life
  • Long service life despite very high loads
  • Accurate positioning (based on motor feedback system)
  • High level of flexibility in the mounting cylinders, in place of hydraulic ones
  • Standardised and highly adaptable interfaces, with roller screws or ball screws
  • Parallel gearboxes with gear wheels and manual controls, wide range of accessories
  • High level of accuracy and repeatability
  • Standard range, up to 2 metres

Ewellix developed an innovative modular electric cylinder platform to address most of the applications in the automation and heavy machinery industries, mainly replacing hydraulic solutions. In this new design, the modularity has been extended to the base component level. Within each module, the customer can select the components inside to build a custom-like solution as standard with the best performance/cost ratio.
To meet any space and performance requirements, Ewellix provides inline and parallel gearboxes as well as AC and Servomotors. Its modular concept enables easy connection to any preferred motor and control system, reducing design and programming costs considerably.

Product tab contents

Technical Data

Sub tab

Max stroke (mm)

2 000

Operating temperature

-10 to +40 °C

Type of protection

IP 54

Max. linear speed no load (mm/s)


Max. dynamic axial force (kN)


Dynamic load capacity (kN)


Screw type / Diameter Lead (mm)

Ball screws or roller screws, 32x10, 40x10, 40x20, 30x10

Motor type

Servo motor, AC motor

Duty cycle (%)


2D / 3D

Warning Message

The CAD model provided here may be different from your actual delivery condition. If needed, please contact us before completing your design.

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