• High level of design flexibility that is suitable for medical devices
  • Improved patient accessibility and increased weight acceptance of patients
  • Better clinical efficiency
  • Plug and play solution leading to shorter time to market
  • Low retracted height and high stroke range for positioning flexibility
  • High load and speed capacity with tested reliability
  • Medically compliant with IEC 60601-1
  • Full system with operating device and accessories

For medical devices
This lifting column series CPMT, was developed by Ewellix especially for medical devices and combines a low installation height with a large lifting range and a high load capacity. This improves accessibility for the patient without compromising overall height when extended.
The three-piece construction provides reliable rigidity for operating tables, treatment chairs and imaging tables for mobile C-arms.

Product tab contents

Technical Data

Sub tab

Push load

up to 6 000 N

Pull load

up to 4 000 N

Max stroke (mm)

300 to 600 mm


24 to 30 V DC

Operating temperature

+10 to +40 °C

Type of protection


Max. linear speed no load (mm/s)

34 mm/s

Duty cycle (%)


Static load (push)

max 15 000 N

Dynamic offset load

up to 1 400 Nm

2D / 3D

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IL-05002/7-EN-January 2023 Actuator range
IL-07007/3-EN-January 2021-CPMT
TC-08027-EN-April 2020 CPMT operating manual
EL-02003-EN-November 2019 Safety and reliability in motion
EL-03007/2-EN-February 2023 Solutions for imaging equipment
EL-03016/1-EN-February 2023_Solutions for surgical and procedural modalities
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