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Agriculture industry

Farmers today face the challenge of reducing costs while increasing crop yields. Current industry regulations are already having a major impact on the engine used. Currently battery electric and autonomous vehicles are becoming more popular in the industry. Ewellix has a wide range of actuators and linear guides with greater load-bearing capacity and stability, speed, increased reliability, performance and safety. Our global presence offers you a local support.

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Harvester combine

In order to optimise crop yield, combine harvesters must be able to regulate their mechanisms both a...

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Tractors are the most commonly used agricultural machine and therefore require the utmost attention ...

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Round balers wrap individual hay bales with nets or twine that require a tensioning system with fast...

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Windrowers or swathers are agricultural implements that cut hay or small grains and forms them into ...

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Self-propelled forage harvester

The cylinders of a self-propelled forage harvester must be open to grind the tool. With the CAHB ser...

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Fertilizer spreader

The fertilizer spreader must deliver the exact quantity with continuous adjustment. The electromecha...

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In order to improve the ergonomics of lawn mowers, certain functions are no longer performed manuall...

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AG robot

Autonomous electric machines are developed to work in the field for soil preparation, seeding, spray...

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To improve the ergonomics of off-road vehicles with trailers, auxiliary functions are no longer perf...

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Seeding equipment

Farmers want the right amount of seed to be sown in each section of the field. Ewellix linear actuat...

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Grape harvester

The grape harvester requires perfect adjustments to not damage or pollute the grape. CAHB series ele...

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Forestry vehicle

Innovative and reliable solutions are required to keep productivity at a high level in forestry mach...

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Feeding equipment

Feeding devices are remote controlled to supply feed via an adjustable spout. This is controlled rem...

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The sprayer attachment on tractor or robot needs to be compact when on the road as the ramps need to...

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