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Herkules Liftwerk

Wheelchair lifting specialist uses Ewellix actuators to enhance robustness and flexibility

Almost all wheelchair lifting problems can be attributed to three main factors: operator error, lack of maintenance and broken parts. The chance of a wheelchair lift failure increases with every push of a button or pull of a lever; for this reason, manufacturers look for the most reliable, robust, and technically advanced producers of actuators and control boards. Herkules Liftwerk chose Ewellix as a supplier to meet their demanding needs for quality and reliability in the field.

Long-lasting operation in outdoor applications

In the centre of Germany lies the historic city of Kassel, where a young team, with fresh ideas and a vision of change,
is redesigning the market for wheelchair lifting platforms and lifts for people with limited mobility.
All our products are fully assembled at our factory in Kaufungen   
and sold throughout Germany and Europe.   
Simple assembly on-site, numerous design options and high safety levels   
are what our customers expect from our products.   
René Bartsch – CEO

What made Herkules Liftwerk choose Ewellix as their preferred supplier?

Founded in 2013 as a spin-off of the ‘Rehabilitation Department’ of Herkules Hebetechnik GmbH, it was important for Herkules Liftwerk to draw on their technical know-how and experience gained in lifting technology.
By using a Matrix MAX3 linear actuator by Ewellix in their lifting gear, Herkules Liftwerk was not only able to significantly reduce costs and repair time, but also benefit from a product specifically developed for medical technology following IEC 60601-1. Its power, robustness and flexibility meet all the client’s needs.
Also, one of the most important characteristics of our lifts is that they are entirely made in Germany, so we were looking for a premium supplier from Germany, or as close as possible.   
Since Ewellix was manufacturing their products here in Europe, we started using them in 1996 and still do today that were robust enough to withstand extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.
They also had to be extremely reliable since our lifts are made to last for many years. Actuators and control boards manufactured by Ewellix have been used in our lifts for over twenty years. They are not only reliable but are not affected by environmental stresses in any way.
After changing models for our control boards in 2008, we could even add more options to our lifts than ever before   
René Bartsch – CEO
We were searching for suitable actuators for our newly developed range of wheelchair lifts   
that were robust enough to withstand extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.   
They also had to be extremely reliable since our lifts are made to last for many years.   

About Herkules Liftwerk

Based in Kassel, Germany, Herkules Liftwerk is a company that manufactures vertical lifts for people with restricted mobility. They also produce manipulators that can improve production efficiency. They have been manufacturing vertical lifts and helping to make building entrances quicker and easier to access at their site near Kassel since 2013. Their designs are known for their uncomplicated installation and ease of use. Whether it’s an installation in a restricted area or a large load of up to 500 kg – their product range has the ideal lift for every purpose.

Our products are used in thousands of industrial applications

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