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Mastering complexity: Overcoming automation challenges in palletizing processes

The automation of palletizing processes is complex due to the varying porosity, dimensions, and shapes of cartons. These factors affect the stability of stacked goods on pallets. To overcome these challenges, sophisticated automation systems must adapt to these variations, provide secure and stable palletization, and be flexible enough to accommodate different carton sizes without compromising efficiency. Innovative engineering solutions are also needed to intelligently handle and arrange cartons of different shapes. The challenge lies in designing and implementing an automated palletizing system that maintains consistent and efficient operation.

JF Développement's challenge: Streamlining palletization amidst diverse carton variables

According to Jean-François Dumontet, Managing Director, “the main challenge faced by JF Développement was to find an effective way to automate the palletizing process at the end of our production line. This was a difficult task due to the different types, sizes, and shapes of cartons that needed palletization. We aimed to automate the process as efficiently as possible while considering these various factors.”.

To achieve this, JF Développement decided on the Ewellix LIFTKIT-UR, a critical component installed on their UR 16 E-series collaborative robot (cobot). This solution was specifically tailored to meet their needs and was designed to work seamlessly with the telescopic column, enabling precise lifting and placement of cartons onto pallets.

Ewellix LIFTKIT-UR: Enhancing manufacturing efficiency with integrated robots

“The implementation of Ewellix's LIFTKIT-UR has had a revolutionary impact on our operations, significantly enhancing our productivity and efficiency. This innovative system has seamlessly integrated with our robotic systems, elevating our manufacturing capabilities to new heights," states Jean-François Dumontet.

Robots are commonly used for palletizing, material handling, inspection, and construction. However, they can face limitations when the robot arm reaches its maximum extension at a certain height. The LIFTKIT-UR has been designed to address this limitation by extending the robot's reach along a vertical axis. This allows for optimal operational positioning and enhances productivity while reducing operating costs.

Ewellix’s LIFTKIT is a plug-and-play system including a lifting column, a robot mounting interface, a dedicated controller, and a software plug-in compatible with various robots. This integration enables movements to be programmed directly via the robot controller and simplifies operational control.

In the LIFTKIT-0S version, the column can be controlled using a standard Ethernet TCP/IP interface. This simplifies integration with various robots and facilitates the creation of customized programs for specific lifting tasks using clear commands.

Ewellix's LIFTKIT-UR: Improving operator work conditions

"Implementing Ewellix's LIFTKIT-UR system has brought significant benefits to our business, primarily by improving the work environment for our operators. This solution is flexible and mobile, which has enabled our operators to avoid repetitive tasks, thus significantly enhancing their working conditions. We have received positive feedback from our customers, which has boosted our confidence in this system and opened future opportunities. The successful implementation of the LIFTKIT-UR has played a crucial role in our business growth," states Jean-François Dumontet.

About JF Développement

JF Développement, based in Charente (France), is an engineering company specializing in the management of arduous workstations through the integration of cobotic solutions within small and large companies.

Its OVICI brand offers a range of solutions for people with disabilities and for the prevention of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders).

As Certified UR COBOT Integrators, they offer flexible production solutions by seamlessly integrating collaborative robots (COBOTs). They also provide Engineering Services, focusing on crafting functional specifications and prototypes using advanced 3D printing. JF Développement prides itself on offering exceptional service and tailored solutions that meet the precise needs of its clients.

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