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  • Easy to use and precise
  • Stylish design


  • Compact
  • Memory position keys
The table switches in this range are used to operate actuators in tables, chairs, sofas and other adjustable devices. They allow a MAX7 or TXG actuator (AC version) or 2 actuators to be operated in conjunction with an MCU control unit. STA desktop switches are easy to install without compromising its appearance.
      Type of protection

      IP X0

      Operating power

      12/50 V DC/mA

      Max operating channels

      3 functions

      For product orders, please refer to our catalogue pages where the ordering keys are indicated. Please do not use the ordering keys generated here as they may be incomplete.
      IL-05002/7-EN-January 2023 Actuator range
      IL-06009/3-EN-April 2022 Operating switches
      TC-08030/1-EN-September 2022 Operating switches operating manual

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