Recirculating roller screws

  • High load capacity and rigidity, further increased by preloaded options
  • Extremely accurate positioning with excellent repeatability
  • Limited torque applied due to short wheelbase and enhanced efficiency
  • Improved robustness and reliability to ensure long service life
  • Very fine lead down to 1,0 mm, while providing a high load carrying capacity and high axial stiffness
  • Heavy load capacity and long service life
  • Low back driving ability
  • No miniature parts

Roller screws with roller recirculation offer an ultra-precise drive solution thanks to a perfect combination of high load capacity, the smallest possible pitch for fine resolution, high positioning accuracy and axial rigidity.
The small pitches or pitch angles of the spindle thread reduce both backward motion and rolling friction.

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Technical Data

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up to 4.000 rad/s2

Nominal diameter

from 8 to 125 mm


from 1 to 5 mm

Basic dynamic load capacity

up to 756 kN

Basic static load capacity

up to 2 270 kN

Maximum speed n x d0

30 000 for d0 <= 25
20 000 for d0 > 25



Cylindrical nut with axial play or without slack.


Centred flange nut with axial clearance or without slack.


Preloaded with a split nut, cylindrical nut and a centred flange nut.

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IL-05003/4-EN-September 2022 Roller screws
EL-02001/2-EN-September 2022 Fluid power replacement
EL-03007/1-EN-September 2022 Solutions for imaging equipment
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