Compact inverted roller screws

  • High load capacity, rigid axial and fast rotational speed
  • Exceptional sealing performance
  • Compact and light weight
  • Reduced number of components in the overall customised design
  • Very small lead down to 2,4 mm
  • High rotational speed depending on screw nominal diameter: N.d0 max = 160000
  • Compactness, low weight with guiding and sealing functions integrated
  • Available with axial play or backlash elimination

The compact inverted roller screws from Ewellix are a unique variety of the planetary roller screws. Their design provides a powerful electromechanical drive when compactness and high load capacity are required.
Compact inverted roller screws operate on the same principle as planetary roller screws, whereby the roller run is synchronised with the threaded spindle via gears. They offer an excellent combination of high strength, low pitch and high dynamic performance. performance without any compromise.

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up to 12 000 rad/s2

Nominal diameter

from 18 to 48 mm


from 2,4 to 6 mm

Basic dynamic load capacity

up to 259kN

Basic static load capacity

up to 559 kN

Maximum speed n x d0

160 000



Inverted planetary rolling thread with axial play or without slack

2D / 3D


This product is a customised solution so 3D models are available only on request. Please contact us using this form

IL-05003/5-EN-January 2023-Roller screws
EL-02006-EN-January 2023-Full electric transition
EL-03008/2-EN-February 2023_Linear technology for joining
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