Roller screws

Roller screws
  • Heavy load capacity and high axial rigidity with additional preloaded versions
  • exceptional performance in applications with frequent direction changes and high linear speed
  • high positioning accuracy with excellent repeatability and reliability
  • customer-specific feasibility study
  • Heavy load capacity, pitches from 1 to 50 mm and long service life
  • 3 Nut with or without ball recirculation
  • High speed depending on diameter of screw, N.d0 max. up to 160.000
  • with axial play, with slip prevention or with preload

A variety of industries use roller screws from Ewellix for their drive mechanisms. Our roller screws are a shining example of the departure from conventional linear solutions and the pinnacle of a new generation of innovative and powerful electromechanical drive systems.
Ewellix is a pioneer in this field with the market's largest range of high performance roller screws.
Thanks to their high precision and rigidity, roller screws are the ideal choice for heavy loads, long duty cycles, high speeds, high linear speeds, high accelerations (especially planetary roller screws) and harsh operating conditions.
Ewellix offers 3 different types of roller screws for different applications:
Planetary roller screws, recirculating roller screws and inverted roller screws.

Product overview 
  • Diameters from 8 up to 240 mm
  • Leads from 2 up to 50 mm
  • Dynamic load capacity up to 3 994 kN
  • No recirculation system enabling high acceleration and speed
  • Diameters from 18 up to 48 mm
  • Leads from 2,4 up to 6 mm
  • Dynamic load capacity up to 259kN
  • Very compact and light weight solution
  • Nominal diameters from 8 to 125 mm
  • Standard leads from 1 mm to 5 mm
  • Dynamic load capacity up to 756 kN
  • Positioning accuracy with high repeatability