Construction equipment
  • Greater productivity
  • Improved operator safety and ergonomics
  • Economically efficient
Value proposition:
  • Increased maximum static load capacity of up to 20,000 N with manual adjustment function (optional)
  • Improved controllability with absolute position feedback
  • Certified, maintenance-free, protection class IP69K/66M

Construction machinery manufacturers today face the challenges of reducing costs on the one hand and increasing productivity on the other. To achieve this goal, they have now developed a wide range of equipment using the latest technologies. In order to do this, they need a wide range of products with higher load-bearing capacity and speed, as well as individual solutions from reliable suppliers with a worldwide presence and appropriate customer support. Current industry regulations have already had a major impact on the motors used, which in turn has consequences for other components such as cooling systems. Ewellix offers a wide range of electromechanical actuators for demanding environments to help designers find the right solution.