Ewellix 7th axis solutions
for collaborative and industrial robots

Discover how to enhance your robot’s productivity

Ewellix provides effective solutions to complete vertical and horizontal movement in a smart way, providing plug-and-play additional linear axis to the robot.

Robot operating range extension

Increase the robot’s working range with vertical and horizontal movements.

Cost optimization

Effective solutions to fully automate operations for increased productivity and lower total cost of ownership.

High repeatability

Ability to perform repetitive tasks usually performed manually.

Sensors and edge software extends the robot operating range

  • Additional linear axes increase the robot reach by up to 7 times

Easy to install plug-and-play systems

  • Ready to use compatible package with main robot brands
  • Fully integrated in the robot environment

High reliability

  • Robust design for industrial use with high stiffness
  • High positioning precision and stability
  • Thousands of units working on the field in multiple applications

High safety

  • Anti-pinching function
  • Emergency stop connection to robot up to safe torque off PLe, Cat.4

Easy maintenance

  • LIFTKIT virtually maintenance free
  • SLIDEKIT easy access to outside lubrication port

The SLIDEKIT enables fast movement along the horizontal axis and precise positioning to increase productivity and save costs. The stability and reactivity of the system guarantee a high level of output quality. The SLIDEKIT comes with a fully integrated software and is plug-and-play.


The LIFTKIT is an effective solution extending the reach of the robot along the vertical axis to save cost and increase productivity.
Thanks to its precise movement the LIFTKIT raises or lowers the robot always to the optimal position.
It comes with a fully integrated software and is plug-and-play.

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Extend your possibilities with the LIFTKIT and SLIDEKIT from Ewellix

Long service life, plug-and-play solution and complete motion control are the main features of the LIFTKIT and SLIDEKIT from Ewellix. Enlarge the horizontal range of your cobot (collaborative robot) with the SLIDEKIT and increase the vertical reach with the LIFTKIT.

Customer case

Process automation in sanding systems for AFK Garden

The aim of the project was to optimise processes in the production of wooden furniture. AFK Garden decided to use Ewellix, in particular the SLIDEKIT module, to automate their sanding systems. The use of the SLIDEKIT guarantees greater efficiency and product uniformity, thanks to the complete automation of the handling lines.

  • + 30% production
  • + precision and uniformity
  • - less errors

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