Precision rails with cross roller assemblies

  • Highest possible toughness and rigidity
  • Applicable for higher temperature applications
  • Suitable for high dynamic motions
  • Cross rollers in standard and high-capacity version
  • Modular with ranges at same outer dimensions
  • High acceleration with anti-creeping system

Cross roller assemblies for precision rail guides are widely used in the industry because of the high load-carrying capacity, rigidity and precision. In addition to the standard LWR range, Ewellix offers a high-performance range LWRE with a five times higher load carrying capacity and twice as high rigidity. The improved performance of the LWRE range is the result of larger roller diameters with optimised inner geometry at the same outer dimension.

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Size 3, 6, 9, 12

Size 3, 4, 6, 9


2 m/s

2 m/s


25 m/s2

160 m/s2 (with ACSM)


up to 2 µm / 100 mm rail

up to 2 µm / 100 mm rail

Operating temperature

-30 to +120 °C (without wipers)

-30 to +80 °C

Rails and cage types

LWR type

LWR precision rails with an aluminium cage cross roller assembly are the ideal choice for high temperature and moderate external loads

LWRE type

The powerful LWRE rail guide with the plastic caged large size cross roller assembly are used in space saving high performance applications.


The LWRE type with ACS (Anti-Creeping-System) is a cross roller assembly with a plastic wheel against cage moving and is best for long cage length applications


The LWRE type made from stainless steel with ACSM (Anti-Creeping-System) is a cross roller assembly with a brass involute-toothed gear for dynamic high performance applications

End pieces


Standard end pieces for all LWR type of rails in slightly different shapes for each size


End pieces including a wiper preventing contamination on a rail side for LWR tape rails


Standard end pieces for all type of LWRE rails. Suitable for horizontal and vertical installations


End pieces including a wiper preventing contamination on a rail side for LWRE type of rails.

Kit packaging
For an easy ordering process Ewellix offers kit packaging for precision rail guides. The predefined kits consists of 4 rails, 2 cages and 8 end pieces. Cross roller precision rail kit packages are available in size 3, 4 and 6, with ACS, ACSM or as standard in different length and stroke possibilities. (ACSM kits are without end pieces). The benefit is that all components for a precision slide are predefined and packed together as one product. Ordering of single components is not longer necessary. Most kits are available form stock. Have a look at Ewellix Precision rail kits.
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IL-06001/4-EN-September 2022 Precision rail guides
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