• Extended operating range of UR cobots to increase productivity and save costs
  • No hardware/software upgrades required
  • Direct positioning access within the UR control environment
  • Vibration-free and virtually maintenance-free movement
  • Certified UR+ positioning axis
  • Ready-to-use complete system
  • Software plugin (UR Caps) for UR control system included
  • Robust column design for industrial use
Cobots are often used for palletising but reach their limits as soon as the pallet stack reaches a certain height. The easy-to-assemble LIFTKIT increases the reach of any Universal Robot cobot by moving it along a vertical axis. The cobot base can be raised or lowered during palletising so that it is always in an optimum working position. This increased range improves productivity and reduces costs. The LIFTKIT-UR is a ready-to-install system and includes a lifting column with a UR mounting interface, a controller and a software plug-in for robots from Universal Robots (UR Cap) so that movements can be programmed directly via the UR controller. The UR mounting plate and column are equipped with additional threaded holes so that external cableveyor systems can be connected.

Product tab contents

Technical Data

Sub tab

Push load
1 500 N
Pull load
Max stroke (mm)
500 to 1 400 mm
Operating temperature
10 to +40 °C
Type of protection
IP 40
Max. speed no load (mm/s)
80 mm/s
Duty cycle (%)
2D / 3D

Warning Message

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Software updates


IL-07022/7-EN-February 2023 LIFTKIT-UR
TC-08038/5-EN-January 2023 LIFTKIT-UR operating manual
TC-08048-EN-March 2021 LIFTKIT quick start guide
EL-03012/1-EN-September 2022 Linear technology for flexible assembly lines
EL-03014/1-EN-September 2022 Solutions for material handling
EL-03018/1-EN -February 2023_7th axis solutions to boost your robot s capabilities

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