• Compact design
  • Stable
  • Plug and play
  • Silent
  • High Push load
  • Robust with low noise level
  • Full system with operating device and accessories
  • Medically compliant with IEC 60601-1

The TLT series offers extremely compact, fast and powerful telescopic columns with two DC motors for pressure loads up to 4,000 N. Its extremely small size ensures an optimum ratio between retracted length and maximum stroke. They are ideal for medical, industrial and workplace applications and can lift off-centre loads without bending thanks to their rigid aluminium profiles and precision sliding pads. The unique and efficient gear technology allows for high compression load capacity and quiet operation.

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Technical Data

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Push load

4 000 N

Pull load

0 N

Max stroke (mm)

300 to 700 mm


24 V DC

Operating temperature

+10 to +40 °C

Type of protection

IP 40

Max. linear speed no load (mm/s)

up to 25 mm/s

Duty cycle (%)


Dynamic offset load

Up to 1 000 Nm

IL-05002/1-EN-March 2020 Actuator range
IL-07011/1-EN-March 2020 Telescopic pillar TLT
IL-07024-EN May 2020 TLT20
TC-08023-EN-May 2020 THG-TLG-TLT operating manual
EL-02002/3-EN-May 2020 Linear axes for collaborative robots
EL-02003-EN-November 2019 Safety and reliability in motion
EL-03000-EN-November 2019 Telescopic pillar medical procedure equipment
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