• Compatible with virtually all international voltage and frequency standards
  • No vibration with soft start and soft stop commands
  • Stylish design for medical equipment, with IEC 60601-1 approval
  • Plug-and-play solution that reduces time-to-market
  • Built-in universal power supply unit with cable through pillar
  • Soft start and stop control
  • Higher load-carrying capacity with high speed
  • Multiple outlet socket accessories and customised colours

With their soft, noiseless stroke, low retracted length and a variety of design variants, the telescopic columns developed by Ewellix especially for infant care represent an IEC/UL-compliant complete solution with which original equipment manufacturers can design incubators with optimised performance and cost-efficiency.
With the telescopic columns of the CPMB series, no compromises are necessary concerning aesthetics, noise and vibration damping or hygiene. The colouring of the aluminium components can be individually customised.
With series CPMB telescopic pillars, there is no need to compromise on aesthetics, noise and vibration reduction, or hygiene concerns. The aluminum profiles can be customised with different colours.

Product tab contents

Technical Data

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Push load

up to 2 000 N

Pull load

0 N

Max stroke (mm)

200 to 400 mm


100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
24 V DC

Operating temperature

+10 to +40 °C

Type of protection

IP 30

Max. linear speed no load (mm/s)

up to 15 mm/s

Duty cycle (%)


Dynamic offset load

up to 250 Nm

Noise level

dB (A) 45

IL-05002/1-EN-March 2020 Actuator range
IL-07006/1-EN-March 2020 Telescopic pillar CPMB
TC-08028-EN-April 2020 CPMA-CPMB operating manual
EL-02003-EN-November 2019 Safety and reliability in motion
EL-03000-EN-November 2019 Telescopic pillar medical procedure equipment
EL-03002-EN-November 2019 Telescopic pillar for infant care
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