• Increase the operating range of a cobot
  • Compatible with Universal Robot range UR5 to UR16
  • No hardware/software development needed
  • Direct positioning access within a UR controlled environment
  • Fast positioning to increase productivity and save costs
  • UR+ certified horizontal positioning axis
  • Ready to use complete system solution
  • Software plugin (UR Caps) to UR control system included
  • High level of positioning precision and repeatability
  • Very low noise in operation

Horizontal axis for collaborative robots (cobots)
Cobots are widely used to automate loading and unloading operations in machines or CNC centers or for welding applications. With greater distances between machines or working parts, a single cobot cannot handle multiple centers and operations due to its limited reach.
SLIDEKIT offers a plug-and-play system to add a horizontal axis, extending the operating range of a cobot., with fast and precise positioning, up to 1.8 m stroke. SLIDEKIT is fully compatible with the entire Universal Robot cobot range and can be controlled via integrated software interface directly on UR teach pendant.
Moreover, SLIDEKIT is also available with a general purpose variant, using simple digital I/Os to control the motion, making it compatible with other cobots brands.
Cobots combined with SLIDEKIT linear module provide a cost-effective solution to upgrade an existing assembly shop, moving from a manual handled to a fully automatized line.
The 2.0 release of the SLIDEKIT delivers several improvements compared to the former version, like higher system reactivity and stability, lower noise in operation and optimized design for limit switches and re-lubrication points

Product tab contents

Technical Data

Sub tab



± 0.01

Max dynamic payload (N)

10 900

Max stroke (mm)

from 50 to 1 800

Operating temperature

0 to +50 °C

Max. linear speed (mm/s)

1 000

Screw type / Lead (mm)

Ball screw / 20

Duty cycle (%)


IL-07023/5-EN-December 2020 Linear axis for collaborative robots SLIDEKIT
EL-02002/4-EN-December 2020 Linear axes for collaborative robots
TC-08036/2-EN-December 2020 SLIDEKIT operating manual
2D / 3D
Software updates


SLIDEKIT 1.0 (ordering key SLIDEKIT-UR-xxxx-xxxx-xx-xx0)
SLIDEKIT 1.0 version: 1.2.9
Date: 09.12.2020
COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH SLIDEKIT 1.0 version. Do not use with SLIDEKIT 2.0

SLIDEKIT 2.0 - v 2.0.2

SLIDEKIT 2.0 (ordering key SLIDEKIT-xx-B20E-xxxx-xx-SCM-000)
SLIDEKIT 2.0 version: 2.0.2
Date: 15.06.2020

- URCap works now with all languages

- Bug solved where an exception is thrown in languages that uses a comma as a decimal sign
- All script variables have now unique Slidekit specific names
- Bug fixed, where Polyscope freezes when creating a new installation while in URCap installation node
- Only available Slidekit types are shown in "Select Slidekit configuration"
COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH UR E-SERIES. If you need to use It with CB series, please contact Ewellix
COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH SLIDEKIT 2.0 version. Do not use with SLIDEKIT 1.0

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