Profile rail guides

Profile rail guides
  • Precise and easy to assemble linear guide system
  • Different versions for almost all applications
  • Long service life even with heavy loads or over long distances
  • Compact design with high load capacity
  • Rigid and precise linear guides
  • Various sizes and designs including accessories
  • High load capacity

Ewellix profiled rail guides (linear guides) are precise rolling bearings used for a wide range of linear movements. They consist of rails and guideways (blocks) with integrated rotating rolling elements. They offer virtually unlimited movement. The profile rails are available in numerous designs and sizes and are suitable for all linear movements. They can differ 1. according to the rolling element (ball or roller) and 2. according to the type: miniature version, standard version or standard version with rollers. They are distinguished in particular by their high load capacity and compact design, resulting in maximum rigidity and precision.
All profile rail guides from Ewellix have a modular design. All rails, carriages and/or accessories of the same series and size can be combined with each other and can therefore be easily adapted to numerous applications.

Product overview 

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