Support bearings for roller screws

Support bearings for roller screws
  • Ready-to-use complete bearing unit, simplified design, easier ordering procedure
  • Quick assembly onto the shaft and elimination of the majority of technical problems
  • Simplified process for choosing customised solutions thanks to the combined load carrying capacity of the bearing and roller screw
  • Rigid and precise positioning of the roller screw with lubricated and maintenance-free solution
  • SKF preloaded angular contact ball bearings, 72 or 73 series, in back-to-back arrangement (1+1 for smaller sizes, and 2+2 for bigger sizes)
  • Bearing load carrying capacity matched to the roller screw load carrying capacity
  • Bearing assembled with preload providing stiff and accurate roller screw positioning
  • Greased for life / maintenance-free

Ewellix offers a full range of support bearings to be fitted on the machined ends of the planetary and recirculating roller screws. These support bearings incorporate high-performance ball bearings, plus efficient sealing solutions providing a long service life to the complete roller screw assembly.

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FLRBU Roller Screw Support Bearings

The FLRBU support bearings can also be used for ball screw applications, if the standard support bearings designed for ball screws (FLBU, PLBU and BUF types) will not cover the load requirements of the application.

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